Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Erin Condren Life Planner & 2 part Giveaway!

EEEK!! you guys! I've been obsessing, I mean... OBSESSING over the Erin Condren planners. I got a couple of other cheaper planners to try to fill the void, but they just didn't do it. 
Then, this package showed up at my door.
Thank you Jesus!!! Seriously, I know it is such a silly thing, but it really reminded me that God cares not just about what I NEED, but also what I WANT  (although, this is bordering the need section!)
Thank you Erin Condren & Team for blessing me!

Picture shows: Erin Condren Quick Ship Planner
Happy New You Clutch
Sunday Sunday T-Shirt

Interested in purchasing the Happy New You Clutch and want to see what's inside? yeah, me too!
Click the video to see what is inside!

I am one of those people who clicked through and watched people showing their planner and scrolled through thousands of pictures on Instagram ( I told you I was obsessed!). Because I'm just one of those people that wants to know every single detail! 
So for those of you who are like me, here is what is inside the Erin Condren Life Planner!

The beautiful people at Erin Condren are giving away a planner to one of my viewers! EEEEEK!! so exciting!

To enter you can:
Youtube: Be a subscriber, like and comment on the Erin Condren Giveaway Video
Instagram & Facebook: Follow, like and comment under the above picture.
Giveaway ends on January 30th, 2015 and the winner will be announced HERE  on my blog. 
The winner will be given 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
Planner will be sent fro Erin Condren! 

C'mongirl, you know you need to stickers and accessories right?! 
YESSSSSS!!! okay, so here are some shops that make stickers and washi tapes exclusively to fit the Erin Condren Life planners so make sure you check out their Easy shops if you are a big planner nerd like me and things like this get you excited!! 
make sure you scroll to the bottom.. yep, we are giving away some stickers!!!

How cute are these?!? love the variety and the colors!
She has flags, shapes, checklists.. everything under the sun and all in these colorful palettes!
Instagram: @planneresque
*giveaway contributor

Planner Kate
Having washi tape that is already precut makes life so much easier and simpler... and easier to carry around! She has the cutest bundles of washi tape patterns!
Instagram: @planner_kate
*giveaway contributor

The Merrie Wanderer
I just love these! 
she has so many cute things in her shop, and really...just following her instagram inspires the creative part of my brain. She has paper clips, dividerrs, glitter dipped mason jars and so much more! 
instagram: TheMerrieWanderer
*giveaway contributor

Washi Planner Stickers
Loving the color bunches of these Pre-cut Washi Tape and Inspirational quotes from 
*giveaway contributor

Karolina's Krafts
this shop has tons of unique and super cute stickers, squares and other goodies (like the boba and coffee mug stickers!)
Use code "alittleaboutalot" for 10%off $10 or more!

Motivational quotes that fit perfectly into morning, noon, night rectangles!

The Reset Girl
Absolutely blown away by this girl! so many cute items, I especially love all of the motivation and encouraging stickers. and so darn cute!
use code "little15" to get 15% off $10 or more exp. 2/28
*giveaway contributor $75 gift card!
Instagram: @theresetgirl

Loving On Stickers
These perfectly fit a "morning, afternoon, night" rectangle so you can use them to schnazzy up your page in the squares you aren't using, or use them for a special even and write on them (the lighter colors, or dark color with a silver/gold pen!)
Love how it makes my planner look!! 
*giveaway contributor

So here is part 2 of the giveaway. STICKERS AND ACCESSORIES!!! 
To enter you can:
Youtube: Be a subscriber, like and comment on the Huge EC Planner Sticker Giveaway Video
Instagram & Facebook: Follow, like and comment under the above picture.
Giveaway ends on January 30th, 2015 and the winner will be announced HERE  on my blog. 
The winner will be given 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.

Click the video to see everything you will be winning (there's more than what's in the picture!)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

My Pretend Place

We received a Safari theme with book, Melissa & Doug stamp set, and THREE costumes: zebra, monkey and safari guide

there are boxes for boys, girls and unisex (ours was the unisex)

Boxes are $50/per box and are sent out quarterly (every 3 months) in between boxes there are crafts and activities that are available online. 
use code "pretend" to get 30% off your first order!

*somehow the clip showing the monkey and zebra went missing in the video, but as you can see in the pictures... adorable!! the monkey and zebra come with ears and a tail!

Pretend Place graciously sent us this box for review. All opinions are honest and my own.

My Goals for 2015

January Fabkids Picks!

click the link above to go to

ok how cute are my fabkids? we went to the museum on a little family field trip and their outfits were perfect next to the sculptures!!

Outfits were graciously sent to us by Fabkids. All opinions are honest and my own.

January Ipsy Bag

Ok so I rarely do debbie downer unboxings... but month after month I've been quite underwhelmed with my Ipsy bag. Yes, it's only $10 but it's $10 that adds up and could be spent on something I like more. I think if you are new to makeup or are a teen you would love Ipsy... I think I am gonna give it one more month and then use the $10 on something I love. or a big ol tub of ice-cream!! haha!

Thred Up Shoe Haul!

click the link above to get $10 credit!

For those of you who don't know what Thred Up is, it's an online consignment store with clothes, purses, shoes...mainly for women, but there is some kids stuff. (sorry no men's stuff)
I have found some really good items for me and my kids and thought I would share with you all the shoes I've bought from Thred Up! If you are a shoe junkie like me, you will appreciate this!

I have only bought from Thred Up, I haven't sold items. I've requested a couple of clean out bags, but from reviews I've read and from people I know... you don't always get the best deal selling your items, and if you want your items back in case they don't want to purchase it.. you have to pay a fee. 

So for now, I am loving the deals I am getting!!!

Drugstore Tried & True Favorite Makeup!

I love and hate these videos. Love because it helps me navigate the drugstore, hate because it makes me want to buy everything! haha!! hope it helps you on your trip to the drugstore!

Welcome to Alittleaboutalot!

Ok so I have been meaning to make this video for the front page of my YouTube for YEARS, and I finally did it. I thought I would share it here too just so you can get to know me a little bit and know what I am all about! Thank you for watching!

Best in Beauty 2014

Hi friends! I thought I would share some of my very favorite products that I went back to again and again in 2014!

Friday, January 9, 2015

The Jealousy Trap

such a hard thing to admit sometimes, but I really believe we all struggle with it at some point and to varying degrees. Watch to see how I get out of the Jealousy Trap!

Friday, January 2, 2015

January Wantable Box 2015

Click the link above to get your wantable box! You can pick from accessories, beauty, intimates and now fitness!
Loved my box this month, click to see what I got!

December Favorites 2014

Eyes: Smoked Palette by Urban Decay
Lipstick: NYX Matte in All Natural

Here are my December Favorites!

Fevrie Mixed Media Jacket

Did a quick lookbook showing the Fevrie mixed media jacket 3 ways.
use code "alittleaboutalot" to get 45% off of your entire purchase!

Brush with Greatness with Alittleaboutalot!

Click the photo to get your set!!

I partnered with this month to bring you an awesome 4 piece brush set that I hand picked! You also get a Innisfree brush cleaner for your brushes.  
I did tutorial using the brushes for a bright eyed holiday look!


We had a wonderful family fun day at Disneyland! 

12 hour mega date!

My husband and I rarely go on dates, let alone a mega date. 
We got to spend a whole day together and go to the Glen Ivy Spa!
Some beautiful people at our church gifted us the day for pastor's appreciation, and boy did we appreciate it!!

December Boxy Charm

$21/month 4 full sized beauty items and 1 luxury item.
Boxy Charm is definitely my favorite beauty box!
Click to see what I got!

Jingle Bells!

Winter Fabkids Haul!

Cute outfits mailed to your house every month!

Click to see my Fabkids picks!

December Ipsy Bag

$10/month for a bag of beauty goodies!
Click to watch my unboxing!

Canada vs. America Oreos Taste Test

Catching up on posting my videos here on my blog!
One of my friends from Vancouver sent me some oreos and asked me to do a taste test, so my husband and I gladly obliged!
Click to watch:

Nothing is Truly Mine: Life with Toddlers

I write this with frustration, love and ironically... Let It Go playing in the background.

I have learned over the years that as a mom, nothing is mine...and any time I try to make something sacred... it will get met with a Sharpie, peanut butter covered little giggle.

the week after I bought my dream fridge (with a  water dispenser... so fancy, I know!)
It was covered in Sharpie. Yep, Easter morning about to head out the door to church, I hear a "MOM!!! Evie drew on the fridge!!" I couldn't even look. So we closed the front door and went to church in silence. 

This is after every possible cleaner met my fridge... *sigh
Then it was the sheets I had just washed, and then the fireplace so newly painted it was still tacky. 
Yep, nothing is really mine anymore.
Every squished lipstick, finger dug eyeshadow, missing earring, scuffed up highheel reminds me of this. Daily reminds me...that things don't matter, that my kids matter, and things are just things. 

Sometimes I don't know if I should laugh or cry, and I often do both. At the same time.
Laugh and cry... because really, what else can you do? 
I have given up my 'right' to have anything sacred.....
and then this morning, after repeatedly telling my kids the last couple of months "please don't step, sit, jump, hit mom's computer!"
it is cracked. Yup. a nice hairline fracture down my mouse pad. *sigh breathe mom, BREATHE.
Trying so hard not to let it get the best of me.
I woke up this morning saying "I am going to have a new attitude"!!
I pumped up the worship music and was delightfully cleaning the kitchen. 
I heard the little email alert and went to check my computer... and yep. slap in the face to my new attitude.
I seriously started sweating, breathing heavy and had to stop myself from crying. (aunt flow's return is also imminent which doesn't help)

Then as I'm white knuckle gripping the kitchen counter, this little face pops around the corner and says "I wuv you so much mom, i just wuv you!!

Meltdown averted, and I am reminded again and again. Things are just things. Some are big things, some are expensive things, but they are just things. In the end, my kids are more important and I don't ever want them to feel like mom cared more about the fridge/computer/every single necklace more than she cared about me. 
It's a phase.... one day I will laugh at it.

Mitsubishi Outlander GT 2015

Merry Christmas to me!!! Haha! no not really, just for a week...but hey, I'll take it!!

Meet my new friend, the Mitsubishi Outlander GT 2015
My favorite features:
Keyless Entry and Ignition
Sirius Radio
Automatic Trunk Open and Closure
Heated Seats
Rearview Camera
3rd Row Optional 

We had so much fun driving around in the Outlander! Drives so smooth and quiet. 
As you know we have 4 small kids, which means HUGE carseats. 
Although we could fit all 4, for a daily car it would be hard. Since the younger two are in the big carseats we had to put them in the front row which made accessing the back row difficult. 

BUT I know most people do not have four kids. If you had 1-2 kids or no kids this is an awesome mid sized car. When you flip the back row down the trunk space is huge. I do like that there is the option for the third row if in case you did need to carry more passengers. We have a Toyota Highlander as our second car right now (although I think his days are numbered...) and I often wished we could have the option of fitting more people, even if it is seldom used. 

We were sad to say goodbye to our new friend for the week, if you have any questions please feel free to ask! I know going to the dealership can be a daunting and intimidating task... so I am glad that I can share my experiences and show you guys what is out there!!

Click the video below to watch our week in the Outlander!

Thank you Mitsubishi and Drivesti for letting us cruise around town in the Outlander!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Dressember Day 13

Day 13
Dress: 10dollarmall
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: L.A. Fashion District

I thought I would challenge myself and show you the poser of ONE dollar! I got my dress for $1 and my necklace for $1! One dollar can go further than you know. I am blessed to be part of something bigger!

all proceeds go directly to the Internation Justice Mission to help end slavery and human trafficking

Dressember Day 12

Day 12
Hat: L.A. Fashion District
Jacket: H & M
Black Dress: Target
Leggings: Target
Flannel Shirt: Target
Shoes: Converse

Dressember Day 11

Day 11

Dress: 10dollarmall
Sweater: Forever 21
Leggings: Target
Boots: Target
Scarf: H&M mens

On my Daughter:
Dress: Harajuku kids for Target
Boots: Target

all proceeds go directly to the Internation Justice Mission to help end slavery and human trafficking

Dressember Day 10

Day 10

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Forever 21
Boots: Steve Madden
Necklace: Wantable

all proceeds go directly to the Internation Justice Mission to help end slavery and human trafficking

Dressember Day 9

Day 9
Knit Dress: Marshall's

all proceeds go directly to the Internation Justice Mission to help end slavery and human trafficking

Dressember Day 8

Day 8
Cardigan: H & M
Striped Dress: Marshall's
Teal Leggings: Target
Boots: Steve Madden

To Donate:
all proceeds go directly to the Internation Justice Mission to help end slavery and human trafficking

Friday, December 19, 2014

Walt's Place Vacation Rental & Disneyland!

We were so blessed to able to stay at Walt's Place for 2 nights, and I had to..HAD TO share. 
I know a lot of people who come from out of town, state, country and come to Disneyland and often ask where the best place to stay is. Trust me, traveling with kids can be a daunting exerience. My kids loved this place so much they didn't even want to go to Disneyland. I repeat, THEY DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO GO TO DISNEYLAND!!!  and once we did go, they kept saying "mom, can we go back to the condo" They all slept really well too (I'm talking atleast 12 hours, all 4 of them. It's a Christmas miracle! hahah!) So I thought I would share my experience for you all and it will be in the back of your mind the next time you need a place to rent for your family! There is video below too so you can come discover Walt's Place with us!!

They have LITERALLY  thought of every single detail. Every "oh many I wish I brought my..." moment was met with a solution. For me, that means having a Keurig. Mama needs her coffee in the morning. They had an assortment of coffee, tea, iced tea, decaf..

along with that there were tons of slippy cups, travel coolers, lunch bags, ziplock bags, to go spoons (perfect for my yogurt eater) ice packs... seriously, better equipped than my house! Not to mention strollers, double strollers, backpacks. Seriously. You need it, they have it. Perfect if you're traveling!

Huge dining area that also had a booster chair and a high chair (that magically turns into a rocking horse and a desk!!)

there were toys in every corner. My kids were in paradise. We didn't turn on the tv once and they never stopped playing! And there were things for every age, and many things we didn't even get to (like all the board games!)

The kids room sleeps FIVE kids. yep, there is a trundle under the boys bed and under the bunk bed.... and does this room look familiar? it's an exact replica of Andy's room from Toy Story!!

This is the second room, we ended up just using it to put the pack and play in (which they have two so you don't have to bring yours) but how gorgeous is the mural and bedding?

Master Bedroom is Snow White themed, I meant to take pictures of the little details...but then I got too excited. Hopefully you can see them in the video!

Look at that little window! it is for the under the stairs room! how fun, seriously might be my favorite  thing in the house. The little girl in me couldn't handle it. haha!

under the stairs!!

My hubby even got his quiet time in each morning outside on the patio.

Every part of this rental was so fun. They had a scavenger hunt for mickey's hidden around the house, and cool trivia and hidden secrets of Disneyland books that you could go through before going to the park. 
They even left our kids little mickey presents and a  gingerbread house for our family to make together. I cannot say enough about the love and care that is in this place, and we would definitely go back. 
Oh! did i mention it is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM DISNEYLAND?! hah! most important part! every hotel we stayed in was quite a walk and at the end of the day it is really nice to be able to walk out of the park, across the street and be home.

Click to see Walt's place!

Click to watch our trip to Disneyland!

For more information on Walt's place:

The Copple's gifted us with this trip for Pastor's appreciation, and boy do we feel appreciated. We would definitely go back to and pay for our family to stay here in the future. They don't know I'm sharing this review, I just thought it would be easiest to post rather than try to explain over and over to my family and friends!
 It is truly a treasure and I wanted to share with you all,
Thank you so much Theresa and Josh for allowing our family to stay here and be blessed!!